Veteran+ application

Please read all of this before submitting an application
To be eligible for a position as Veteran+ you must meet a couple of requirements. The first requirement is that you have been playing on the server for at least two months. FroobWorld is a fairly small server so, assuming you are active, we should be able to get a fairly good idea of what kind of a person you are in two months. The second requirement is that you have read and understood the staff guidelines, found here. There is no minimum age you must be to be eligible for Veteran+, but a lot of the qualities we are looking for are those of older, more mature persons.

You will receive a personal message on the forums informing you if you were accepted or not. A small explanation may be added telling you why you were not accepted, but in most cases it will simply be "You don't posses the qualities we are looking for." Don't be offended if you're not accepted, we are looking for very specific kinds of people. Don't be embarrassed if you are not accepted either, no one will know about your application besides froobynooby and not being accepted will in no way affect how you are treated on the server. If you are not accepted you can reapply, but ensure a sensible amount of time has passed since your last application.

Copy and paste the following template into your application and write a response for each section. Send your application to froobynooby through a personal message on the forums with the subject "Veteran+ application". Please write detailed answers to each question, if you don't put in the effort writing it we wont put in the effort reading it. Answer the questions truthfully, we will be checking if the answers match the experiences we have had with you on the server.

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Ingame username:

Why do you want to be a Veteran+ and do you understand their responsibilities? Talk about what you think Veteran+s are supposed to do.

What qualities do you believe are important in a staff member?

How would you, a Veteran+, handle a situation in which a player is griefing?

Do you believe that staff members deserve more respect than non staff members?

What do you enjoy doing the most on the server?

Do you have any problem with playing Minecraft with pre-adolescent children? If so, why?

Name a famous person that you look up to. Talk about why you look up to them.

What was or is your favourite subject at school?

What is or was your dream job?

Talk about your personality. Are you easy to get along with? Do you make friends easily? Do you make enemies easily? Are you easily aggravated or made upset?

What do you find funny? What type of humour do you have?

What annoys you or makes you angry?

What do you do when you are annoyed or angry?