Server Information

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What is FroobWorld?
FroobWorld is a Semi-Vanilla minecraft server. This means we have some modifications, but none that effect the game in such a way as to take away the vanilla feel. We primarily run plugins that help to deal with griefers and plugins that allow some teleportation around the map.

Newbie - New to the server. Can set one home and use warps.
Loyalist - Have played on the server for a week. Can set two homes and are able to view the warp list.
Veteran - Have played on the server for a month. Can set three homes.
Veteran+ - Are able to add and remove players from the grey list.
Staff - Are able to view block logs and ban players.
Admin - Are able to perform rollbacks.

Canary - Anti-griefing tool.
dynmap - Online map of server
FroobBasics - Essential server commands such as teleports and banning
FroobGreylist - Grey list
FroobMechs - PvP toggle and tree replanting
FroobProtect - Area protection
FroobReport - Report management system
GroupManager - Groups
Lockette - Locking of chests and other blocks
NoCheatPlus - Anti cheat
Prism - Block logging and rollbacks
WorldBorder - Limits size of map by adding a border