These are the rules that must be followed while playing on the server. If they are not followed, the player may be punished. The punishment depends on the rule that is broken and the severity of the offence. The punishment can vary from a slap on the wrist to a ban from the server.

1. Don't grief.
We consider griefing to be ruining other players' experiences on the server. This can be done by destroying their property, killing their animals or simply by pestering someone.

2. Don't steal, lure or scam.
Stealing is considered to be taking another player's property without their consent. Luring is intentionally leading a player into a trap. Scamming is using trickery to gain to your advantage.

3. Don't use hacks or modded clients
Hacks include things such as x-ray, flying, speeding and nofall. Some modifications such as optifine and minimap mods are allowed, if you're unsure if a mod is allowed please ask an admin.

4. Don't advertise other servers.
Sharing a server's ip with some friends is absolutely fine, but coming on with the intention of spamming a server's ip is not fine. Advertising a server on a different server makes the server being advertised look bad.

5. Respect others.
Be sure to show the utmost respect to other players and their beliefs. Any disrespect towards other players will likely result in a ban.

6. Don't ask for ranks.
Asking for ranks which you are entitled to is absolutely fine, if you've been playing for a week and have not been promoted to loyalist for example. Asking for a rank you're not entitled to is pointless, you won't get it.

7. Don't use profanity.
Profanity in any form is unacceptable, whether it be in chat, in a book, on a sign or on a name tag. Profanity includes swear words, racial slurs or anything which may be found offensive.

8. Have fun!