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Appeal a ban / Elflord966's ban appeal
« on: December 29, 2020, 07:28:49 AM »
I was banned for apparently being homophobic
I will not lie, I am Christian and am against homosexuality but I do not know why they have banned me seeing as I have to my knowledge not done anything wrong or contrary to the rules set in place. Furthermore I have not discussed my views on homosexuality with anyone nor have I said anything anti gay. What I would like to know is why I  was banned and why if I did accidentally say something "homophobic" why that matters.

I would really enjoy continuing to play on the server it is one of the only good servers I have been able to find and I have put a decent bit of effort into building and getting to know people and I would be rather disappointed if I was to loose all those connections.
Thank you for your time

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