July 22, 2018, 10:48:41 PM by froobynooby
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The server is now running version 1.13 and the map has been reset.

Two maps ago we used to have many, many warps. We had over 150 in total. As much as we all loved being able to warp around anywhere, we realised this was a bit ridiculous, so it was decided for last map that we would only use warps for official things. This left us with only two warps in the end, one was for a guide for Lockette and the other was for the old spawn after we moved following an update.

What we lost with warps was a certain sense of 'fullness' to the map. Previously you could warp to a large number of fun places to explore, and in particular you could warp to a great number of player made towns. Not including the spawn towns, we had many fairly successful player made towns in the map before last, but in the last map we only had perhaps one. We want to bring back some of this feeling for the next map.

We are implementing a suggestion by Mr. TheChief13 to use portals instead of warps. Portals are very similar to warps in that they can be set anywhere, however they differ in that they cannot be used anywhere. A portal can be set in one location and linked to a portal in another location, in order to use the portal you have to stand in it for 5 seconds at which point you will be teleported to the portal it is linked to. We plan on having a central hub in Spawn Town through which all portals must go.

We plan on having very strict rules on what is allowed a portal. In essence we do not want portals to provide any sort of utility, but rather open up an opportunity to explore things which have been built by other players. We will be allowing towns which are of a certain size to have portals, given that the town is public, i.e. anyone is allowed to build there (within reason). Also allowed will be any sort of attraction, such as museums or replicas of real life buildings.

Chest locking
We've been using Lockette for chest locking for the past four years or so. However, all of the permissions for Lockette are broken and chests do not lock properly in 1.13. As a result I have made a new chest locking plugin for the server. It works almost exactly the same way as Lockette does, so hopefully it should be easy enough to use. The command to edit the lines on a protection sign is now /lock, however /lockette will also work. You are also now able to add [Friends] to your signs, which will allow all of the people on your /friend list to access whatever it is that sign is locking. This means you do not have to add each of your friends individually. If you find any problems, please use /report bug or contact me directly.

You are now able to view reports which you have made to the staff. A list of the reports which you have made can be found by typing /myreports. And you can use /readreport to read the reports which you have made, and to view the response made by the staff member that reviewed it.

Some other changes:
  • I've completely rewritten a few of the plugins we use, so please tell me if there are issues
  • I've added tab complete to most of the commands. So as you are typing a command you will receive suggestions
  • There is a new /stafflog command for staff members to see punishment records
  • Mail now displays how old it is and player names will update when changed (old mail has been deleted, sorry)
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