January 17, 2016, 03:30:11 PM by froobynooby
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You can now report certain things in game using /report. You can report a user who is breaking a rule, a bug that you've found, grief that you have found and you can report a staff member who is breaking a rule. A staff member, or froobynooby in the case of a staff report, will then review the report when they are next on. If you a reporting grief or a bug it is important to be standing at the site of the grief or bug when you submit the report, as the staff member reviewing it will be able to teleport to that area to investigate. If you a reporting a staff member or a user be sure to take screenshots, upload them to and include the link to the images in the message of your report, it will make it a lot easier for the staff member reviewing it.

Here's a scenario:

froobynooby was adventuring in the wilderness when suddenly...

He comes across a griefed house!

At first he panics, but then he realises that he can submit a report!

And so he does.

The next day... froobynooby remembers that he's an admin. He reads the report that he submitted the day before.

And he teleports to it.

Using his admin powers, he rolls it back!

And all lived happily ever after.
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