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Old Town of Froob: The Return of the Thane
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I will use this post to update on quests. Old Town looks beautiful guys, good work on keeping it up, it wasn't what I expected. I won't have much time to play, but I will have time to make some cool quests! Also, just to make sure that people don't think I griefed Old Town. What I had done was make it into a ruins, it is what Mansfieldmz and I had planned in the long run. It was absolutely beautiful and haunting with the 3D texture pack I had on. I don't think I ever had a chance to show you guys.

For those who are new and now reside in Old Town, check out the lore section at the end of this post!

Old Town of Froobworld - The Return of the Thane

Behold, Mother Server has heard the Guardian Chief's prayers, and has allowed Thane EnigmaForceIV's soul to return to the glorious world of Froob. Upon returning, Thane EnigmaForceIV found that the town has expanded into a new era... a New Old Town. After spending some time in his beloved Kingdom, granted to Jarl Mansfield and Thane Enigma by the great Mother Server - it grew apparent that its culture has died. The Tree of the Server was no longer the center of the town, new technologies have made way into the shops, Old Town Coin wasn't being used, Rule of Law was being ignored, the vault empty and worst of all - there is no friggin potatoes for me... I mean... the Thane to eat.

Thane Enigma investigated further and visited the tomb of his comrade - Jarl Mansfieldmz. The Jarl was once resurrected by his own will, and Thane Enigma knew that the Jarl's coffin was cleared as soon has Jarl returned. However, hearing that the Jarl was gone for some time had worried Thane Enigma. Thane Enigma was at the tomb of Jarl - after slowly digging into his grave, he was met with what he hoped not to find. The armor the Jarl, gifted by the Server, and the Jarl's bones and mummified flesh.

It was up to Thane Enigma now, not to reinstate the old laws of Old Town, but to teach the Old Town Legends and Stories. Why Old Town exists, how it was founded, who Lord Froob was, the secret order of the red skulls, and the secret order of the inner circle.

It was up to Thane Enigma, to not only defend the interests of Old Town, but to defend its stories.


Description: Where be your papers? You have none? Then you are just a visitor here! Take a look around, like what you see? Dream to live in ye' Old Town? Come do some work for us! [Check out Jobs]. Become a Settler today!
Cost: [Free]

Description: Congratulations on becoming a Settler! Here is your Plot and Building guide! Your next step is to apply for ye documents. If you so please...
Cost: 80 OTC

Description: Congratulations on getting your papers! You now have access to Specialty Jobs! Make x2 or x3 the Coin that everyone else would make!
Cost: 250 OTC

District Warden
Description: Take care of your District, and we will take care of you. Armor, Diamonds, Gold, Food, anything. You deserve it, Warden.
Cost: 10,500 OTC

Description: You've done so much for Old Town, you've helped keep it theft free, you didn't get a single violation, and you stood up against all that is evil. Congratulations, you now have trust from the Jarl and Thane. Visit the Bank's Vault, relax in the Garden of Tranquility, become one with the inner circle. We're glad to have you.
Cost: Appointed

Description: A Guardian of the Server in Old Town? We are blessed! Welcome, Guardian! [Admins]
Cost: Appointed by the Server


[Farming] Cropper
2x Coin Rate for Potatoes, Wheat and Sugar Cane
3x Coin Rate for Cocoa Beans

[Farming] Wrangler

4x Coin Rate for Meats

Old Town Defender

x3 Coin Rate for Mob Drops [Excluding Zombie Flesh]

x2 Coin Rate for Diamonds

x2 Coin Rate for Whole Woods

Market Rates:

This is the standard price chart, item prices will be changed here. Taking a specialty job will double or triple the amount of pay for these items.


64 Dirt - 1 Coin |64 Cobblestone - 3 Coin |64 Wood - 5 Coin |64 Coal - 10 Coin |

64 Potato - 4 Coin |64 Wheat - 2 Coin |


Ink Sack - 2 Coin |Cow Hide - 3 Coin |Feathers - 2 Coin |String - 1 Coin |Flint - 3 Coin |

Repeatable Quests/Side Quests
Architecture Gone Wrong [Not Released]
Pahtaytoh Poetahtoe and the Hunger of the Thane [Not Released]

Some Lore/History:
Old Town of Froobworld
The Old Town Thief and the Battle for Old Town
Ruins of Old Town


I'll be making quests in relation to old stories that Mansfieldmz had taken the time to write. There are areas that were re-purposed and will need to be restored for some of these quests ("Military Center")/Quish's large farm. Old Town tenants, houses will remain yours, they're all really great builds! However, "co-ownership" of Old Town will not be recognized. All "co-owners" no longer bare the title.. I will recognize Chief's and Quish's titles though, as they did an outstanding job at restoring Old Town from its Ruins (even though I was like BAD QUISH and you wanted to anyways).

Removed 3 Homes
No free plots - Plots costs 10 OTC
Fountain Removed, Shrine to the Server is back
Co-owner titles removed

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Re: Old Town of Froob: The Return of the Thane
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You do what you need to do with the town. I do admit there are a fair fews things that I don't really like in Old Town that happened while me and quish were in control (the military included) but if you ever need a hand around town all ya need to do as set up that  shrine, give a pig sacrifice and I shall come.

I always did like the way you set stories out.