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February 06, 2016, 11:30:39 AM


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Area protection
« on: February 06, 2016, 11:30:39 AM »
The area protection plugin we use has received a big update. The biggest part of the update is the ability to request areas. Loyalists and up now have the ability to request their own protected areas which will need to be approved by a staff member.
Here's how you request an area of yours to be protected:

First you go to the area that you want protected. In this case I would like to protect my farm so that no one can let my pigs loose.

To protect an area you need to specify two positions, these describe the corners of the area. The positions can be selected by using a clay ball, left-clicking with it selects one position and right-clicking selects the other. The positions can also be selected using /position1 and /position2, or /p1 and /p2 for the lazier ones amongst us, or /pos1 and /pos2 for those who are lazy but not as lazy as those who use /p1 and /p2.
I selected one corner of the pig pen as position 1

and the other corner as position 2.

Now I am ready to request the area. To do this, type /requestarea <areaname> where <areaname> is the name of the area, make sure that there are no spaces in the name and also make sure that the name makes sense, in my case I named it FroobyFarm.

The request will be sent and if any staff members are online they will be alerted, otherwise staff members will be alerted when they log in that there are areas pending approval and they will review it then. They will teleport to the area and make sure that what you are protecting is yours and that the size of the area is reasonable. If they find everything to be in order they will approve it, otherwise they will deny it. While you are waiting for your area to be approved you can add users to it using the /area command so that when it is approved, your friends can continue to build there.

The staff commands are:
/area  listrequests - List areas that are awaiting approval.
/area <area> teleport - Teleport an area requesting approval.
/area <area> accept - Accept an area requesting approval.
/area <area> deny - Deny an area requesting approval.

Sub areas
Another part of the update is the addition of sub areas. A sub area is a part of an already existing area that has different rules to that area. You could, for instance, protect an entire town and allow no building in that town and add a sub area for each plot in the town that allows building. This would mean that players would be able to build on the plots, but not in any other parts of the town, despite the plots being inside the town's main area. To make a sub area, when speciying the name of the area instead of using <areaname> use <parentname>:<areaname> where <parentname> is the name of the area to which you are adding the sub area. If I wanted to add a sub area to my pig farm, for example, I would set the two positions and type /requestarea FroobyFarm:Gate. This would add a sub area named "Gate" to the area FroobyFarm. To request a sub area, you must be the owner of the parent area. Also, you can add sub areas to sub areas, and sub areas to those sub areas and so on.

It is also possible to lock horses, we've had this for a while but not a lot of people knew about it. To lock a horse, all you need to do is get on the horse and type /horse protect. This will lock the horse in your name. If you want to unlock the horse type /horse unprotect. You can also add your friends to the horse that you've protected. To do this, get on the horse and type /horse adduser <user> where <user> is the name of your friend. To remove them all you need to is type /horse remuser <user> while you're on the horse. You can also type /horse info to toggle the information tool which tells you who a horse is locked by when you click it. If you find that your horse has been locked without your permission you can create a grief report and a staff member will unlock it for you. To learn about reporting visit this link,461.0.html.
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