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Froobworld IRC Channel


I, Nin.Collin, have started an IRC channel for Froobworld!
What is IRC, you ask? Well, IRC is a quick and easy ways for users to communicate information very quickly, have active conversations, while not needing to be online/use dynmap. It's useful for admins/users to actively discuss new ideas for the server and to collect user opinions on certain matters. Before you can join of course, you need some information on the server. I will post some stuff below.

IRC (standing for Internet Relay Chat) is a chatting system we users can chat to one another via IRC clients (covered later).  The Froobworld IRC channel uses irc.caffie.net. There are other IRC networks out there, but this channel uses this one.

Server Information
Server   : irc.caffie.net
Ports     : 6660-6669, 7000, 8067 or 6697, 7070, 9999 for SSL (if unsure just use 6667 as it is the default)
Channel : #froobworld - The Froobworld IRC Channel

In order to connect to an IRC network, you will need an IRC client. This can be a program, script, etc. that runs on your computer or in your browser. There is a vast number of clients to be found out there, but here is a small list:
Hexchat: Very popular, free, and common client. A popular alternative to the paid client, XChat.
ChatZilla: A Mozilla Firefox addon. Not the best client, but good if you want to use IRC without another program.
Mibbit: If you prefer not to install anything, you can check out Mibbit. It runs directly in the browser.

IRC Commands
http://www.ircbeginner.com/ircinfo/ircc-commands.html <-- Here are some basic one's. There are many more that I'll add later (there must be a limit to how many Hyperlinked URL's you can have so didn't have this one as one)

Some bots that might be on the channel are AlcaRobot, VilelaBot, SevenBot, and NovaBot. To activate a a specific bot, type !vb <command> for VilelaBot, AlcaRobot is !ar, SeverBot is !7, and NovaBot is nb.<command>

Additional Info:
If you need any help on the channel, NinCollin would be happy to help

Hope to see ya there!

EDIT: Fixed the link and channel name

For those who don't understand how to connect, I'll post a quick tutorial on how to connect:


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