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The permissions plugin we use, i.e. the groups/ranks plugin, has been unsupported for a number of years now. It always causes problems when we update so I thought I would just make a new one. The change shouldn't even be noticeable if you're not staff. All of the data has been transferred over so everyone is the same rank and the chat colours are still all the same.

There are some new commands though, they are:
/setgroup <player> <group> - Set the group of <player> to <group>
/whois <player> - Tells you which group <player> is in
/listgroups - Tells you a list of the groups.

These commands are obviously only for staff use. If you forget the commands they are now displayed in /help.

If you happen to go onto the server please check if you are the same rank as before and let me know if you are not. If you are able to do any commands which you weren't able to do before, or if you are not able to do any commands you were able to do before please also let me know.


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