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Boss round, Siege of Akira


Would anyone like to face me in pvp along with my wolven army to win all of my treasures underneath my castle? I will allow preparation time, strategy, and unlimited number of fighters. This is all for me to come to closure on froobworld before we restart, once again. Well then thats my memo, now how to beat me, and win my riches!

Step 1: Eliminate all of my legions one by one to come closer to victory!

Step 2: Face the great King of Akira himself!

Step 3: Collect your loot!

Advice from the host: I will disperse all of the loot myself in the various bases and buildings I have made over the past 3 years, however the main chunk of wealth will be underneath my main castle. So, yes, it will be a treasure hunt too, once you have defeated me you will have free roam of all of my territory, I will just sit back and see who finds what. Here's a tip, each of my legions will be guarding some of my wealth. Akira is located north of the old spawn and can be traced to by an unfinished railway. I will remove, or attempt to, my protection of my buildings, for the use to the public. But if there are complications I am more than welcomed to move my armies into an open field or arena of some sort.

Conclusion: A week's time of preparation is enough eh? Good luck have fun! See you then in the final days of 1.12 of Froob's server!



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