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Cakebaker9000's skin.
Join dateFebruary 2015


Cakebaker9000 is a staff member on the FroobWorld server. Cake first joined in map 8, but used the account xp31_5. Cakebaker is known for their many great deeds on the server, but is mostly known for their bakery, Cakebaker's Bakery. Cakebaker's favourite block is stone brick.

Early Life

Cake's early life started on Map 8, where he built the town of swegville with his brothers and friends. It was here that the great bakery chain was started. By great determination and extreme effort the store was quickly able to spread. Now having a complete monopoly on cake production there is no power this side of the server that can rival the cake powerhouse.

Cakebaker's Bakery Headquarters and first store.