Map 8

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Map 8
Spawn Town 3 view.png
A view of Spawn Town 3, the first Spawn Town of map 8.
Created1 December 2013
Retired1 March 2016
Versions1.7.2 - 1.8.9
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Map 8 is a retired map which was the successor to map 7 and the predecessor of map 9. The map was created for version 1.7.2 and lasted for over two years.


Map 8 was created in December 2013 following the release of Minecraft version 1.7. During this map's initial few months of life the server proved to be very popular, with the player cap having to be raised from 20 to 32 in order to meet demand. Many towns were constructed in the early stages of the map, many of which were named after countries.

The map was expanded in December 2014 following the release of Minecraft 1.8. The server again saw an increase in popularity in the latter half of the map's life. Many players continued to make towns, however there was a much stronger focus on role-playing elements. Notable in this stage of the map's life is Old Town and the events surrounding it.

The map was further expanded to the south east at a later point to provide access to a mesa biome. Despite the map being created for 1.7, which introduced the biome, and expanded for 1.8, there were no mesas within the borders.



See below video by Psychotog81 for a walkthrough of the server on map 8.


  • Map 8 was the first map to have a world border, following issues with world size in previous maps.
  • With a player count of over 3800, map 8 was the most played map until being overtaken by map 11 in 2023.
  • This map marked the first time that the majority of the server's core plugins were custom made.