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Spoopyville church and graveyard.png
The church and graveyard in SpoopyVille.
MapMap 8
Coordinatesx: 4100, z: 700 (Overworld)
FoundedJuly 2015

SpoopyVille is a town on map 8 created by TheChief13 and friends. The town exists entirely underground and is spread across a number of chambers.

Town info

The name "SpoopyVille" was not meant to be the official name. Chief received two suggestions for new names on the forums: "Carden" from Mechclaw and an unhelpful suggestion of "Ol' Town" from EnigmaForceIV. However a new name was never chosen, and "SpoopyVille" stuck.

The town has a market area which includes a Cakebaker's Bakery, a residential area, a library, a church, and the Grinning Gravestone inn.

Players with a home in the town include PandaTurtlez, SwankyPhil, TheWindyRaven, AlyssaSaysHi, cakebaker9000, Aquoserina, Tricia17997, Metalic_Shield, master3903 and LinkIsBetter.