Tiki Town

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Tiki Town
MapMap 10
Coordinatesx: -5900, z: 6300 (Overworld)
FoundedSeptember 2018

Tiki Town was a planned town that floated on the sea in the proximity of a colorful coral reef. Its buildings prominently featured jungle wood, greenery and coral. Unfortunately, the town never attracted enough hopeful citizens and construction was later halted by PyxelVector.


PyxelVector first expressed his desires of building a town on 3 September 2018. Originally called Coral Central, the town was later renamed into Tiki Town on 9 September 2018.

Pyxel would note that BiggerTex, stargirl050 and red had residence in the town.


  • Residential Buildings
  • Tiki Town Town Hall
  • Tiki Town Library w. Enchanting Table Area
  • Chorus Fruit Farm
  • Jungle Tree Farm
  • Cocoa Bean Farm
  • Potato and Carrot Farm
  • Tiki Town Nether Portal
  • Animal Stables
  • Blacksmith

Fun Facts

  • There were once 3 signs plastered at Spawn Town advertising the town.
  • PyxelVector later shared ownership of the town with Hobbeswyn.
  • PyxelVector later tried to turn the town into a villager town, though it was unsuccessful after the villagers kept dying.
  • One can find a split off continuation of Tiki Town at Artore named Tiki Resort, floating on the ocean similar to its predecessor. According to PyxelVector it would have offered, "luxurious beach houses at the low low price of whatever i currently need to get in bulk".