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A view of Bradbury from 10th of April 2023.
MapMap 11
Coordinatesx: 18000 z: -6800 (Overworld)
FoundedAugust - September 2022
FoundersEdgeyAl, Yardine, Kdbrocks1, IronWill_MC
ThemeRustic with some exceptions

Bradbury is a city on Map 11 known as "The Building Capital of FroobWorld". Bradbury is known for their extravagant builds (clearly shown in the photo in the infobox), their skilled citizens, and the massive size of their city.

Bradbury's districts are:

  • High Town
  • Industrial District
  • Jade District
  • The Wildlands
  • The Mutated Spruce Forest

Famous buildings include but are not limited to:

  • Villager Cloning Facility (VCF)
  • The Great Wall of Bradbury
  • The Dangerous Nights Night Club
  • Ortopian Line (8 min railway to Ortopia)
  • Ol' Smelty
  • Bradburian Blimp
  • The Floating Library

Bradbury is also the home of the BBC (Bradbury Building Company) and the BBC Loan Co. Sub Fund I LP. Both companies are administered by the founders of Bradbury. All of the Bradbury founders are friends in-person as well, making Bradbury a very tight-knit community.