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MapMap 11
Coordinatesx: 10000, z: -3700 (Overworld)
FoundedApril 2023

Riverville is a town on map 11.


Dr3X_Tori made a base, and in a week the town grew quickly. Attracting new players very fast, along with Tori aggressively promoting Riverville, drew in residents and allowed the town to grow. Although wants people started going offline and Michael cap had logged off for months. Declining started to happen. Riverville is now considered a ghost town but is still active by one person. Dr3X_Tori who still builds around it and has some people help him sometimes. maybe Riverville will come back, Time will tell. Im coming back to right this, and I have officially moved out of riverville -Dr3X_Tori

Residents include Dr3x_Tori, sci300768, michaelcap123, iam_slimebot, Jaron_the_Great.

Noticeable features include:

  • Riverville shopping district: It's more of a mishmash of various shops, but the shop owners are all Riverville residents. There is also a community Storage for public Supplies! There is also a HUGE colosseum for Pvp with lots of redstone and cool thingamajiggys, it was made by MichaelCap123.
  • Shops: Bookstore (sci300768), lantern store (tori), flower shop (slime), wood shop, general shop, everything store. Nether Supplies (unknown) Deep slate Store (Tori)
  • Geography: The location has easy access to multiple biomes, including a dark oak forest, jungle, river (seen in town), and forest. A desert about a minute away is visible too.


Riverville is surrounded by multiple biomes. A forest can be seen from town, and a short flight gets access to a dark oak forest and a jungle. The river goes through town, and following it will lead to the jungle.

There is a swamp past the dark oak forest, but it requires flight to reach it and the exact location is not well known (even to the residents as far as it is known).