The Ranch

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The Ranch
Aerial view of The Ranch as captured by Dellcat (not pictured: cave district)
MapMap 11
Coordinatesx: 8500 z: -2300 (Overworld)
FoundedAugust 15th, 2022
The Ranch Sun (town banner)

The Ranch is a town on Map 11 known for its mighty horses, western-themed builds, and The Sundial.

The Ranch started on August 15, 2022, when player elksie found his horse, Levi, near the region. With near-perfect stats, Levi was no ordinary horse and thus deserved a city in his honor. Since then, many generations of Ranch Horses have proliferated the server, providing steeds to notable staff, city leaders, and many other players.

Districts of The Ranch

  • Cave District
    • Cave Basin
- The Forge
- negative_zero001’s base
    • Cave Core
- The Sundial
- The Vault
- The Court House
elksie in the Ranch Court
- The Bird Cage
    • Cave Canopy
- elksie's home
- Solar Temple
The Solar Temple (left) next to Dellcat Pavillion (right)
- Dellcat Pavilion
- EXC6 Fort
- ASpectre's home
mynameisquinn’s home
  • Market District
- Ranch Market
elksie (left) and ASpectre (right) fighting a raid by the Ranch Market
- The Bell Tower
- Visitor Center
- RaidPlayz_'s base & moon
  • Equestrian District
- Ranch Stables
- chsine's hut
- 0xEE’s home
  • Outskirts
- Username_795's home
- saul-goodman22's home & watermill
- Grainmill
- R0ad_Kil1's hot air balloon
- O_mintwarrior's saloon
- CookByBook's home
- ThaTallDude's home
- Twitchjeroenmee’s home
- ekq's home
- Nizzy_Cote’s home
- MangoRat1862 and _b3auty_ oasis


- The Ranch has more horse elevators than any other city, at a whopping total of twelve!
- Harfell and The Ranch were both founded on the same date, making The Ranch one of the oldest cities on the map.
- The Ranch has a playlist. It is pretty goated.