Spawn Town 7

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Spawn Town 7
Spawn town 7 view.png
A view over Spawn Town 7.
MapMap 10
Coordinatesx: 700, z: 250 (Overworld)
FoundedJuly 2018

Spawn Town 7 is a town on map 10 located next to the first spawn. It is the only spawn town of the map.

Town info

The town was created following the server's update to 1.13 which saw the creation of map 10. The development was lead by TheChief13.

Like its predecessor, players were restricted to building in plots. However, players were restricted to building residential and decorative buildings only. Shops were not allowed to be built in the town, however the STUM did provide an opportunity for players to sell items in town.

The town's most prominent building is the portal hub which was a central repository for town portals. After the spawn point was eventually moved a portal from spawn to the portal hub was added to allow players to easily access it.

The town had a number of public farms, a banner room for players to add their personal banners, a community resources centre for donating unwanted items, and a couple of arenas for events including the Shotgun arena.

Due to the more restrictive building rules the town did not attract as many players as in previous maps. As a result, players built in other towns where they could own shops such as Nab Town and Artore.