The Warden's City

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The Warden's City
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MapMap 11
Coordinatesx: ? z: ? (Overworld)
Founded? of ? 2023
FoundersMstir21, TearOfBraixen
Population? Citizens

The Warden's City is an Ancient City in one of the various Deep Darks located in the Froobworld server with two leaders: Mstir21 and TearOfBraixen. While still an unfinished nation project, the B.B.C. (or Bradbury Building Company) has been paid to help finish it.

The Warden's City is meant to be an impenetrable fortress, one would have to step through several dozens of Sculk Shriekers to find it. The City does not stand alone...

Upon recent discovery is the location of the "Sister City", a nearby Ancient City not quite restored, but not out of the question of use either.

The Warden's City has various overseas colonies such as Alexler's firework operation and a house on a remote island in the Savanna biome near spawn.


In the summer of 2023, The Warden's City-represented & led by Mstir21- was a belligerent of The Waffle War and a signatory of the C.A.W. agreement. The document was drafted and signed by alliance members in Ortopia Castle on the 26th of March, 2023. The Warden's City joined the following nations & empires in signing the documents: