Map 9

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Map 9
Spawn Town 5 view.png
A view of Spawn Town 5, the first Spawn Town of map 9.
Created1 March 2016
Retired22 July 2018
Versions1.9 - 1.12.2
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Map 9 is a retired map that was a successor to map 8, and a predecessor of map 10.


Map 9 was created in March 2016 following the release of the Minecraft version 1.9. Due to a focus on being closer to vanilla, this was the first map for which warps would only be used for official purposes rather than towns and mob farms. The Great FroobWorld Railway project was created in order to act as a replacement for warps, however the project was never fully implemented.

The map was expanded once in March 2017 following the release of Minecraft version 1.11. Due to a large delay in updating the server (1.11 was released in November 2016), there was subdued player activity in the later half of the map's life.



  • With a lifespan of 874 days, map 9 was the longest lived map before being overtaken by map 10.