Spawn Town 6

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Spawn Town 6
Spawn town 6 view.png
A view over Spawn Town 6.
MapMap 9
Coordinatesx: -250, z: -12800 (Overworld)
FoundedMarch 2017

Spawn Town 6 is a town on map 9 located next to the second spawn. It is the second spawn town of the map.

Town info

The town was created following the servers update to 1.11, for which the map was expanded and spawn point moved. The development of the town was led by PandaTurtlez.

Like its predecessor, players were restricted to building in plots, which were generally 12x12 in size. There was no theme players were required to follow but low effort builds such as dirt huts would be removed. Players who were inactive for more than 75 days also risked having their builds removed if there was a shortage of plots. Plots were free, but limited to one per person.

The town had a number of public farms, a public enchanting area, community chests and furnaces, and a number of player-owned shops including a Cakebaker's Bakery.

Due to a low player count in the latter half of the map's life the town was not as successful as some of its predecessors.

The town is also the starting point of the King's Road.