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A view of Sandv. Visible in the background is nicknack4455's cafe.
MapMap 5
Coordinatesx: 600, z: 1000 (Overworld)
FoundedMid 2012

Sandv is a desert town on map 5 created by TheChief13. Notable buildings include the Desert Dwarf Hotel (rated four stars by froobynooby), the Diggy Dwarf Meadery and the Sanvillage Shopping Centre. The town was also notable for the nearby Digsite.

Players with bases in and around Sandv include nicknack4455, Gabstar96 and Astrotorical.

The Digsite

An overview of the Digsite, located next to Sandv.
A note left by Chief in the 'lost village'.

The Digsite is an area adjacent to Sandv that has several attractions for players to explore. Around the Digsite players can find Chief's notes which document Chief's thoughts as he uncovered the various objects located around the site.

The Digsite includes a crashed UFO, a meteor, an ancient statue, a wall from a once great civilisation, and an underground lost village. The lost village is the primary attraction of the Digsite.