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An overview of Harfell taken from the highest tower of the Château de Puanteur.
MapMap 11
Coordinatesx: 15650 z: -4400 (Overworld)
FoundedAugust 15th, 2022
Population6 ± 2

The nation of Harfell was founded by Stinkerism on the 15th of August 2022. near a river and a large hill. The name 'Harfell' roughly translates from Old Norse to "lofty/high hill". Harfell borders the nation of Ortopia to the North, and is also located near Bradbury.

The banner of Harfell.

The banner of Harfell is composed of a red pale dexter and sinister on an orange background and was designed by Stinkerism on an unknown date.


Harfell's culture is undeniably medieval. With stone bricks and wood being a staple in buildings, when you step into Harfell, you feel as if you've traveled back in time. Harfell's Renaissance Fair also displays Harfell's small-town charm. The city also has a love-hate relationship with water, having previously completely flooded (in lore).

Harfell's legal tongue is Dutch as Stinkerism speaks Dutch semi-fluently. In the S.C.M.H. Dutch, Esperanto, and English are all official languages, and are spoken commonly.

A sign in the S.C.M.H. containing words in the island's three official languages. (14th of May, 2023).


Members of Harfell
Player Name Join Date
Stinkerism 15th of August 2022
boopy73 15th of August 2022
JGKelpChip 17th of August 2022
Di5a ?
KingGeoCat ?
Fluffanator12 ?
... ...


The Waffle War

The C.A.W. document being drafted in Ortopia, Stinkerism can be seen standing at the podium (26th of March, 2023).

Harfell was the leading signatory of the Coalition Against Waffles, during The Waffle War. Harfell was joined in the Coalition by the Benevolent Montostanian Empire, Ortopia, and The_Warden's_City. C.A.W. has since been deemed dormant until a threat that requires mobilization is present.

Recent History

On the 6th of April 2023, Stinkerism relinquished his position as Keizer for a temporary leave of absence, with Harfell being given the title of 'Harfellian Autonomous Region' as a part of Ortopia and with the head of state becoming JGKelpChip.

Through 2023, Harfell died down to a mere ghost town as other towns grow and sucked up the majority of new players. Stinkerism was left with a town, a mere husk of its former glory. In May of 2023, Harfell acquired three new members, Di5a, KingGeoCat, and Fluffanator12. This trio helped revitalize the town and restored Stinkerism's motivation to continue improving the town.

Despite this resurgence, these players also eventually became inactive, and Stink was the sole active member. Stinkerism also eventually became less active due to working on personal projects but remained dedicated to making sure Harfell had a place in FroobWorld's politics, even in the modern era.


Notable buildings of Harfell include but are not limited to:

  • Harfell Archives
    • There are many different books and even two areas for four frogs (all named Greg) and two axolotls.
  • Château de Puanteur
    • The Keizer Van Harfell's abode.
A photo of the fairgrounds in Harfell, used for the Harfell Ren Faire.
  • Harfell's Fairground
  • The B.M.E. Embassy in Harfell
    • An embassy located in the centre of Harfell.
    • Its construction marked the beginning of formal diplomatic relations with the two nations, which continues healthily to this day. Limited services are available.
An aerial view of Harfell as of April 26th 2023.