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MapMap 11
Coordinatesx: 14392, z: 6817 (Overworld)
FoundedApril 1, 2023
The banner of the City State of Erevan

Erevan is a town on map 11 founded by Tsardall in April 2023 . The town's economy is mainly based on its mining industry but also produces other goods via numerous community farms.

  • Administration

-Suzerain: Formerly WaffleKing0407 of the Pretorian Empire until is abdication.

-Gouvernor: Tsardall

-Bureaucrats: Blackholefrog Duckwave44


Erevan is a city-state under the rule of the Pretorian Empire. Although the head of the empire has authority over the town, the governor is the one who administers the town and takes most of the decisions related to Erevan.


  • The Community Building

The town is located in a savannah biome and has 8 registered citizens. To meet the needs of these people, the community building of the town contains several farms (such as two Iron farms, one wood farm, and one sugar cane farm) that each citizen can use for their own needs. The Community building also serves a role in the administration of the city-state because it's in fact where the office of the governor is located as well as those of the bureaucrats.

  • The Church of the Holy Pentarchy
The Church once finished

The construction of the church began on 04/10/2023 and was finished two weeks later. The vast majority of the materials used for the construction were extracted from the rich undergrounds of the surrounding area which helped develop the city state's mining systems. The Church of the Holy Pentarchy is still to this day one of the biggest and tallest build in Erevan.

  • The National Greenhouse of Erevan

The National Greenhouse was finished in the month of January 2024 featuring 4 different biome reconstitution : A jungle, a mangrove swamp, a dark oak forest and a spruce woodland. In addition to these, the greenhouse also has a bee conservatory.

  • Bank of Erevan
  • warp Building

The Religion

The main religion in Erevan is a monotheist faith called the Holy Pentarchism.


  • Summary

The Pentarchist are fundamentalists that believes that the other religions are astray. The belief says that their god is the creator of the 3 dimension: the overworld, the Nether, and the End. Their ancient text state that god created the Overworld for every living being he would create, however some of his creations turned into anomalies creating monsters such as the creeper and the Phantom. In order to confine most of the corrupted and the sinners,god created the Nether.Unfortunately, the sacred writings don't tell us much about why the End dimension exists, many interpreters suggest that the End is the boundary of our World and that behind this border there is absolutely nothing. Some heretic support the idea that the End is what divides our World from another one.

Religious establishment

There are actually two Pentarchist churches located in two different towns. The biggest of them is the Church of The Holy Pentarchy located in Erevan which is considered the religious capital and the second one is situated in the town of BronsonSalvador now know as the Matapedia Territories.

Religious Organization

The Pentarchy is a clerical organisation lead by their head of faith: the Patriarch/Matriarch who has authority over the other bishops.

Joint Cities

In addition to the main urban center of Erevan, the city state is also made up of several smaller municipalities called joint cities. These cities are fully owned and ruled by the gouvernement of Erevan.

The Joint City of Panticapol


The largest joint city is Panticapol, located on the immense cliff facing the Southeastern Condominium of Montostan and Harfell colony. Panticapol was founded by the City State to make the extraction of nearby sandstone and terracotta easier, connect Erevan to the sea and strengthen its influence and claim on the region to counter the SCMH colony.

  • Notable builds:
The Lighthouse of Ponticapole
The Church of the Annunciation
The fort of Karse

State Societies

The State Societies are all owned by the City State of Erevan and not directly by the Pretorian Empire.

The Sevan's Bay Company

Founded on 14/05/2023, the Sevan's Bay Company is the first state society of Erevan. The Company opened their first shop in the old spawn of map 11 and was prosperous untile the opening of the new spawn that lead the corporation to a drastic decline. Two of of the most important contributers (Duckwave44 and BlitzRyGuy18) left the company to establish their own shop in the new spawn and when the Sevan's Bay Company finaly established a new selling location in the new spawn, the minimum prices enforced on shops by the spawn commitee didn't allowed the company to sell under priced enchanted books like it used to do. Until today the Sevan's Bay Company lost all of its past notoriety and is not generating anymore profits to the City State of Erevan.

Despite its huge failure abroad , the Company is still very present in the City State of Erevan and its adjacent territories. The Sevan's Bay Company are still holding huge acres of arable land known as the Eastern Plantation, a factory and the Matapedia Territories. All of these properties helped keep alive the State Owned Company that nearly faced being shuted down.

The future of the Sevan's Bay Company is not bright but Erevan has showed interest on bringing back the Company to its former profitability and invest more on its infrastructures. As long as this project doesn't happen, the Sevan's Bay Company will for ever stagnate.

The Colonies

The flag of the North-West Isle Colony

The City State of Erevan actually owns a colony called the North-West Isle Colony. The colonization of the Isle started on the 7 of May 2023 so the settlement is therefore young and undeveloped for the moment.

The second colony of Erevan was inherited from BronsonSalvador after he got banned. The colony was then named the Matapedia Territories and given to the Sevan’s Bay Company which exploits the coral reef near the settlement. It’s the most developed colony of Erevan due to its past owner doing a lot of work to create his own civilization before getting banned from the server.