Spawn Town 3

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Spawn Town 3
Spawn town 3 view.png
A view over Spawn Town 3.
MapMap 8
Coordinatesx: -150, z: 200 (Overworld)
FoundedDecember 2013

Spawn Town 3 is a town on map 8 located next to the first spawn of the map.

Town info

The town was created shortly after the start of map 8. Players were not required to following any particular theme, but were limited to pre-made plots.

The town was quite successful, with many players choosing to build homes and shops. The town has a free enchanting area with an anvil, several farms, and a public slime farm made by Psychotog81. The lighting in the town is provided by redstone lamps and powered by a daylight sensor, in a project headed by blue_aura9.

Probably the most noticeable feature of the town is the giant dirt ender dragon floating above it. The dragon was created by Baby_T_Rex for a building competition for which the theme was "dragons". He won as the only entry. The dragon had some controversy around it, with some players thinking it was an eyesore and wanting it removed.

Following the servers update to 1.8 the map was expanded and spawn point moved, with spawn town 4 becoming the map's new spawn town. Because of this spawn town 3 was protected to prevent griefing.