Spawn Town 4

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Spawn Town 4
Spawn town 4 view.png
A view over Spawn Town 4. The light house on the left was visitor centre and warp point.
MapMap 8
Coordinatesx: -10600, z: 800 (Overworld)
FoundedDecember 2014

Spawn Town 4 is a town on map 8 located next to the second spawn of the map. It is the second spawn town of the map.

Town info

The town was created following the 1.8 update, which saw the map expanded and the spawn point moved. It succeeded spawn town 3 as the server's spawn town, with the previous town being protected to prevent griefing.

Players were restricted to building in plots, generally 12 by 12 blocks in size. There was no theme players were required to follow but low effort builds such as dirt huts would be removed. Players who were inactive for more than 50 days also risked having their builds removed if there was a shortage of plots. Plots were free, but limited to one per person.

Like its predecessor, the town was very successful. Well over 30 homes, shops and other businesses were built. Amenities include a full enchanting table, a large supply of anvils, a small farming area with all the types of crops, and a community chest area for new players.

Due to issues with players digging up the town's beaches a warp was set up to a desert which was designated for sand collection. There are signs on all of the beaches in the town directing players to this warp.