Map 11

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Map 11
A picture of the map's main spawn.
Created3 December 2021
Versions1.18 - 1.19.4
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Map 11 is the currently active map. The map was created on 3 December 2021 for the 1.18 update, succeeding map 10 after over three years of use.


Map 11 was created in December of 2021 following the release of Minecraft version 1.18. It was originally planned to coincide the map reset with version 1.17, however it was decided to hold off following the announcement that the Cave and Cliffs update would be split into two parts with the majority of the content to be in 1.18.

The map was expanded east on 12 June 2022 for the Minecraft 1.19 update.

Border History

Date Border dimensions (x × z) Reason Notes
3 December, 2021 14,000 × 14,000 Map creation
12 June, 2022 28,000 × 14,000 1.19 update Expanded to the east



See below video for a YouTube series by player Jacy2244 that's set on map 11.