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Artore view.png
A view of Artore. Visible are many of the player-owned shops, and the giant tree that houses the town's portal.
MapMap 10
Coordinatesx:-3100, z: 3300 (Overworld)
Founded15 December 2018
FoundersDudeness_11, Hobbeswyn, tieriakin, jessmaeda
Artore's banner

Artore once was the most active town and the prominent economic hub of Froobworld. Built upon a shattered savannah biome combined with no rules on building, the mishmash of structures and the elevated view is unlike anywhere else on the map.

A project to restore and revitalise Artore was started by several players in January 2020, but the project was later abandoned due to lack of participants and the town currently stands stripped of it's shops, and a shadow of it's former glory, a relic of good times long passed away.


On 15 December 2018, Dudeness_11 requested help in finding a treasure chest. Following fruitless digging from Dudeness_11, Hobbeswyn, tieriakin, and jessmaeda, froobynooby confirmed the treasure was already taken months ago. Following this, the group drifted off to explore only to stumble on the birthplace of Artore. Amazed by the massive and unconventional world generation in the shattered biome, it was agreed to create a settlement in the area. Dudeness_11 suggested it be called uTOPia, "Cause it's up top", while Hobbeswyn later suggested the name, "Artore" due to its originality.


Artore has several publicly accessible utilities, including:

  • A villager trading platform.
  • An AFK fishing machine.
  • Crop and animal farms.
  • A sheep farm with all available colours.