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Hooliville January.png
Hooliville as of January, 2020.
MapMap 10
Coordinatesx: 21000, z: 2800 (Overworld)
FoundedNovember 2019
FoundersSegovo, Arc25275

Hooliville is a town themed on being futuristic, with modern homes and skyscrapers. Hooliville is unique in being one of the few towns with plots and not allowing free building.


Early photo of Hooliville

Hooliville was originally created around November 2019, by the Hooli company with the idea of creating a city that wouldn't eventually become "dead". On 31 December 2019, at 3:00pm CST, a New Year's firework show was held, live streamed to Twitch and synced to music, the recording can be viewed here. Most of the construction of the city is expected to be completed by mid 2020. The portal was received in late December 2019.

The Great Hooliville Fire

About two days after the 2020 New Year, a fire ignited on the forest outskirts of Hooliville. The flames eventually spread into the city where it burned down the massive Hooliville Christmas tree.

"You know Seg, this isn't what I had in mind for Christmas lights..."