Nab Town

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Nab Town
Nab town promotion.png
A promotional image for Nab Town, made early in the town's history. Visible in the image is the Giant Nab and some of the town's farms.
MapMap 10
Coordinatesx: -2300, z: 0 (Overworld)
FoundedSeptember 2018
Foundersfroobynooby, TheChief13

Nab Town can be considered the first town of map 10. With four cardinal directional roads spreading from its spawn, Nab Town is not as sprawling as the other towns that came after it, but still maintains a small town charm. Once the most active town before Artore, it faced a decrease in activity for over a year before being somewhat on the rise as of the beginning of 2020.


On 10 September 2018, froobynooby expresses his desire to create a town. TheChief13 suggests that the place be called "Froobshire". froobynooby responds with "Nab Town". With what seems like instant agreement to this new name, the following ensues:

froobynooby » we can build it around a statue of you

TheChief13 » and form a cult that follows the belief that this almight statue might rid them of their nabness one day

Hobbeswyn is later the first person to be invited to join the town after a proper site for the town is found.


Nab Town has several public utilities, including:

  • Skeleton and zombie grinders.
  • A sheep farm with every coloured sheep.
  • Crop, melon and pumpkin farms.
  • Pig and cow farms.


  • According to Chief, he wanted to make an advertisement board for the town in Spawn Town
  • Upon seeing the Nab Town statue of Chief for the first time, stargirl050 commented, "i don't like the statue..."
  • The first villager in town was a cured zombie named Mr. Mural after Hobbeswyn's admirable latin teacher. It sold mending for 26 emeralds but would later die.
  • Underneath one of the four columns of Nab Town's portal structure was a zombie with a little shop. It no longer exists.
  • There's a stronghold not far from town if you head straight from the portal.
  • Hobbeswyn originally planned for an ice bridge across the lake in town utilizing redstone and frost walker boots. This plan never came to fruition.
  • The skeleton grinder has a window where you can see the mob spawner in action. If you go through the wooden door, turn right and head straight and break through the blocks in your path, you'll find a small room facing the grinder with a favorable view behind glass panes.
  • triple_squid's ice railway system originally had a planned station in town as well. In one of the holes on the side of the Nab Town Hole, you can find the railway connecting directly into town.
  • There was once a massive mob grinder planned with 4 chambers floating in the sky connected together by a small central chamber.
  • If you elytra down the massive hill, you can thread through the bridge and the portal structure proving for a tight and thrilling flight.
  • There's an unfinished Herobrine shrine in town. It's well hidden though...
  • There used to be iron golems name tagged with dialogue roaming the town. Only one or two may have survived the test of time.