Map 7

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Map 7
Spawn town 2 view.png
A view of Spawn Town 2, the only Spawn Town of map 7.
Created16 March 2013
Retired1 December 2013
Versions1.5 - 1.6.4
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Map 7 is a retired map that was a successor to map 6, and a predecessor of map 8.


Map 7 was created in March 2013 for the release of Minecraft version 1.5. The map remained following the 1.6 update which introduced horses to the game. Because horses would not spawn in chunks generated in 1.5, they were a rare sight on this map.

The world grew rapidly in size due to the absence of a world border. As it was close to exceeding the disk space limits of the host at the time a plugin to stop new chunks from generating was added.


  • Map 7 was the last map without a world border.