The Great FroobWorld Railway

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The main hub of the railway, located in Spawn Town 5.

The Great FroobWorld Railway was a railway on map 9 that allowed players to travel to different areas of the map.


Prior to map 9, the main method of getting to towns, mob grinders, and other areas of the map was to use a warp. This culminated in map 8 which had a total of 176 warps available for players to use. Due to a desire to be more vanilla, it was decided to scrap warps and instead build a railway.

A section of the railway passing through town.

Planning for the railway begun before the server had been reset for 1.19. Once the server had been updated work on building the railway began, with contributions from EnigmaForceIV, AlyssaSaysHi, ReputedOcelot and cakebaker9000. The railway was never fully completed and was largely obsolete given the availability of elytra. The primary use of the railway was for new players to gain access to the Enderbender.

The concept was abandoned after map 9, being replaced by the portal system still in-use today.