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FroobWorld is a Minecraft survival multiplayer server that has been running since late 2011.


FroobWorld was created by froobynooby on 2 November 2011. At the time, the latest Minecraft version was Beta 1.8.1. The server was created after the shutting down of OmniaMC, a server froobynooby played on. Many of FroobWorld's features were inspired by OmniaMC.


FroobWorld's gameplay centres around collaborative survival. Players are encouraged to play the game together, and this is reflected in the server's rules which forbid antisocial behaviours. All players are locked to survival mode; including staff and admins, who do not have access to creative mode or item spawning.

Non-vanilla features

FroobWorld self-classifies as semi-vanilla. This is a style of server that tries to remain relatively close to the default (vanilla) Minecraft experience. FroobWorld does use some plugins to aid in running the server and to better enable collaboration.


There are several forms of teleportation present in the FroobWorld server. Most notably, players can set their own personal warps called "homes", and return back to them at any time. Players also have the ability to return to the main spawn point at any time through a command. Starting in map 10, portals have become a way to travel to player-made towns and other points of interest.

Quality-of-life additions

There are some small add-ons that serve to improve life on the server. Examples include: automatic sapling replanting, toggleable PvP status, the friend system and the server-discord chat link.

Administrative tools

FroobWorld has several administrative add-ons to aide staff in doing their jobs. Notably, staff have the ability to lookup block modifications and revert them if necessary. Staff can also vanish from players' screens, mute players, jail players, read player reports, and more.


The rules of FroobWorld are standard for survival servers. The rules are usually summarised in seven short statements:

  1. Don't grief.
  2. Don't steal, lure or scam.
  3. Don't cheat or abuse glitches.
  4. Don't advertise.
  5. Be respectful of others.
  6. Don't use profanity anywhere.
  7. Have fun!


FroobWorld has gone through several maps in its lifetime. The current map is map 11, which was created on 3 December 2021 for the 1.18 update. Map resets occur for different reasons: major updates, map-breaking accidents, and large map size are examples. The latter two of the given examples are no longer likely to result in a map reset due to FroobWorld taking daily backups and the world border restricting the size of the map. Map 11 is expected to have a lifetime considerably longer than previous maps, the more recent of which had served for over three years.