Server guide/Protecting an area

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This is a guide on how to request a protected area. Protected areas prevent other players from breaking or stealing your property.

Requesting an area

Players are able to request an area be protected to prevent other players disturbing their property.

Quick claim

This fastest way to request a protected area is to use the /claim command. This command allows you to request an area in a radius around the location at which you are standing (with a maximum of 50 blocks for the radius).

First you will need to think of a name for the area. The are name must consist of lower or uppercase letters, numbers, underscores and hyphens. Ideally the name should make it obvious who owns the area. For example, "frooby_house" is better than just "house".

Next, you will need to stand roughly in the centre of the area you want to protect. Decide on a radius depending on how large of an area you need and type the command /claim <radius> <area name> to submit an area request.

Your request will be reviewed and approved by a staff member.

Manual selection

If the area you need to protect is larger than allowed with the quick claim method, or if you need more fine-level control over the area's dimensions, you should use this manual selection method.

Protected areas can be defined by manually selecting two opposing corners of a rectangle. To select the first corner, stand in the desired location and type /position1. The second corner can be similarly selected by typing /position2.

Once the corners are set you must think of a name for the area. As explained in the previous section, try not to use a generic name. When you are satisfied with the name you can request your area by typing /setarea <area name>.

Your request will be reviewed and approved by a staff member.

Editing your area

You are able to edit your area both before and after it has been approved.