Server guide/Modifying an area

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After you have set up an area you are able to modify certain aspects of it.

Adding users

To add a user to your area, use the command /area adduser <area name> <user name>. This will allow that user to build and interact with the area as normal.

If the user is someone you trust you may wish to make them a manager of the area, using the command /area addmanager <area name> <user name>. Area managers are able to add users, but cannot create additional managers.

Special users

In addition to players, it is possible to add as a user to your area someones' friends list and entire groups.

To add the friends list of a player, use Friends:<player name> as the user, for example: /area adduser my_house Friends:froobynooby.

To add a group to an area, use Group:<group name> as the user, for example: /area adduser my_shop Group:Admin.

Adding and removing flags

Flags control what is able to happen within an area. For example, an area with the no-build flag will not allow players to build there unless they are a user of that area.

You can add flags to an area you own using the command /area addflag <area name> <flag name>, and remove them using the command /area remflag <area name> <flag name>.

The default flags are no-build, no-interact, no-fire-spread, no-fire-destroy and no-explode.