Server guide/New players

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The server's spawn is the first thing new players are greeted with.

Welcome to FroobWorld! We are a small survival multiplayer server with a history dating back to 2011.

The intent of this guide is to provide an overview of FroobWorld's features and answer common questions newcomers may have. Anything not covered here can be asked in the FroobWorld Discord server.

What is FroobWorld?

FroobWorld is a survival multiplayer (SMP) Minecraft server with a focus on collaboration. FroobWorld is classified as semi-vanilla, which means the server's gameplay is largely unaffected by server-side modifications and is close to the vanilla game. All players and staff members are restricted to survival mode in FroobWorld.


The rules of FroobWorld are standard for collaborative SMP servers. The rules disallow griefing, stealing and cheating to encourage players to work together and play fairly. Swearing and profanity is not allowed on FroobWorld to encourage a friendly environment for players of all ages. More details on the rules can be found on the FroobWorld policies website.

Updates and map resets

Following a major update to Minecraft, the admin team will decide the best way to update the server with input from the players. Historically FroobWorld has had map resets following anywhere from two to four major updates depending on the scale of the updates. In recent iterations this has translated into maps with lifetimes of two to three years. The current map, which is map 11, has been committed until at least 2024.

For Minecraft updates where the map is not reset it is sometimes instead decided to expand the boundaries of the map to allow for the exploration of new features. In some cases the spawn point will also be moved to expanded areas of the map.

Getting started

Where to build

Players often work together to build towns, such as Artore.

It can be challenging at first to find a place to build, with the immediate surroundings of spawn often crowded with builds. Players are allowed to build anywhere that has not been claimed by other players, however it is considered common courtesy to not build within close proximity of other players. Building somewhere to annoy or spite someone can be considered a form of griefing.

To quickly find a random location on the map players are able to use the /rtp command. Usage of this command is limited, however will regenerate over time.

Some players decided to build with other server members and sometimes form towns. This sort of collaboration is highly encouraged and supported. Towns with enough members may even be eligible to receive a portal system.


FroobWorld's main quality-of-life feature is teleporation, which allows players to instantly travel to certain areas.

Players can set a location as a home using the /sethome command. This will allow returning back to the area using /home. The maximum number of homes available to a player is dependent on their rank.

The /back command will teleport a player to their previous location. This will either be the last place they died or the last place they teleported away from.

The command /tpa <player> will send a teleport request to another player. The command /tpahere <player> will request another player to teleport to you. The other player can choose to accept or deny the request.

Players who are friends with each other can use the /friend command to add each other to their friends list. This will allow the players to instantly teleport to each other using the /tp command.

Teleport requests and instant friend teleports can be toggled using /tptoggle <requests|friends>.

Land claiming

Players are able to claim their land to provide peace of mind that their work will not be destroyed. There is no limit on how much land players are allowed to claim, however all claims will be reviewed by staff to ensure they are reasonable. See the guide on protecting an area for steps on how to claim land.